The US Spoiled Him

If our canon were broader, if our curricula were more balanced, we wouldn’t act as though Junot Diaz’s behavior spoke for every Dominican man.

Yeah, he’s a horrible exception in a culture where the ideas of active consent, intersectional feminism and extreme political correctness won the day decades ago. Or better yet, never needed to win because they were always there. Totally. He’d be a huge gift to women had he never emigrated.

One thought on “The US Spoiled Him”

  1. I don’t understand the article. Is it from the 1990s, advocating canon revision?

    Díaz, I think the reason people like him is that he has an original voice and a real sense of language. And yes, he talks about a specific place / places, a particular subjectivity, etc., a real set of experiences. Who came up with the idea that his behavior “spoke for every Dominican man” I am not sure. ?


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