Bye-bye, Trinidad

The trip to Trinidad has been cancelled because we have a water main leak that the homeowners insurance won’t cover because it’s not a burst but seepage.

For those who don’t know, I was going to a Hindu wedding of a family member in Trinidad for Christmas. But this water leak will cost three such trips, so bye-bye, Trinidad.

I’m not sad or anything. At my age, you get very philosophical about these things.

8 thoughts on “Bye-bye, Trinidad”

  1. Still…dealing with water damage from faulty pipes is a nightmare, even if the insurance did pay for the damage.


  2. “the homeowners insurance won’t cover because it’s not a burst but seepage.”

    It’s absurd that your homeowner’s insurance won’t pay to fix a relatively small problem before it could become a much bigger on that would cost them more $$ to fix! 😦


  3. Homeowners won’t cover damage like this. There are also flood and tornado exclusions that you probably should check. There is separate insurance that you can buy in the future for outside water lines. Likely cost for this repair if it’s entirely outside and not under the driveway or roadway is around $7,500-$10,000.


    1. Jeez, I was hoping for $5,000. Sweet Lord in heaven. This means something really fantastic is about to happen because bad stuff has been piling on – surgery, now this. That means I’m due for some kick-ass gift from fate.


  4. Just another day in Trumpland.


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