About California

This article is making me unhappy. It’s saying that Democrats might not win the House because of California, of all places. It’s all propaganda, right? I’m not knowledgeable about California but the article doesn’t sound right.

7 thoughts on “About California”

  1. “It’s all propaganda, right?”

    No, it’s TRUE!

    And this paragraph gives the reason: “As any progressive activist will explain through gnashed teeth, the head-snapping scramble is because of the state’s “top two” open primary system, which allows the two leading vote-getters — regardless of political parties — to advance to the general election.”

    What this ridiculous “top two” system means is that in the general election in November, a given California congressional district could have TWO Republican candidates on the ballot and NO democratic candidate at all — guaranteeing that a Republican will win the seat.

    Maybe California is good for something after all! 🙂


    1. Devin Nunez was only able to raise 19,000$ from local sources for his run, but he did get over 100,000$ from outside sources. He’s a man of the people.


  2. It’s true, and California did not use to have open primaries. The legislation to change to this system was introduced by ballot initiative and I would really like to know who wrote it. Initiatives are much used in CA and they sound very democratic but in the 19th century were much used by the railroad companies that ran the state and now can be by PACs, etc., national groups that have model legislation written up, and so on.


    1. The recall, the initiative, and the referendum were the work of Hiram Johnson, a Progressive Republican whose avowed aim was to deny the governorship of CA to a Democrat. It worked, right up to when Der Governator schieß on the Republican brand.

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    1. Israel has been giving citizenship to such disgusting, horrible, vicious pieces of gangster trash from the former USSR that I lack words to describe it. Israel takes the kind of garbage that even the lowest-standard countries reject. It’s mind-boggling.


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