Celebrity Justice

I think the Weinstein investigation is a travesty. I know we are all supposed to be super happy he’s been indicted but it’s all a total joke. Investigators traveled to LA, to Europe even, dedicated an enormous number of hours and resources to something like this while the murder of a Jonny Garcia in Southern Bronx gets zero resources and the rape kits of women outside of Beverly Hills don’t get processed for years.

I know, I know, this all just supposed to be the beginning. The justice will trickle down to the less posh eventually. Because the trickle down theory has proven to be super reliable. Not.

3 thoughts on “Celebrity Justice”

  1. I think the real travesty is that someone who’s allegedly raped 50+ women can get instant bail and gets to enjoy his life in Manhattan, while someone else charged with petty theft has to spend months in Rikers because he can’t afford his $500 bail amount.

    The cash bail system is inherently fucked.


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