Roseanne versus Ambien

In a now-deleted tweet, the actress tried to blame Ambien for the racist tweet that led to her sitcom’s cancellation. Sanofi, the maker of Ambien, is having none of it. They took to Twitter to respond to Barr’s claim that she was “Ambien tweeting” and can’t be held responsible for her racism. The tweet points out that while pharmaceutical drugs do have side effects, “racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication.”

Oh, they should shut the ef up. I know somebody who found himself wandering the streets half-naked and clutching a cleaver on Ambien. I also know somebody who came to while going high-speed on a highway with zero recollection of getting into the car. That was also on Ambien. And I have more stories like these.

Yes, Roseanne is a racist creep. But the makers of Ambien have nothing to feel self-righteous about. All she did was send a nasty tweet. What they do hurts and endangers people. It’s disgusting that really evil companies try to use such situations to make themselves look better.

16 thoughts on “Roseanne versus Ambien

  1. Someone also sleep-walked off a cliff. Ambien is also used as a date rape drug.

    But apparently it doesn’t make you sleep tweet racist shit so swallow away, insomniacs!


  2. Ambien wouldn’t be approved by the FDA if it weren’t a highly effective, safe-for-general-use sedative medication. It’s the most widely-prescribed sleeping medication in America for a reason — because it works.


    1. Are you trying to be funny? Haven’t you read any of the million articles that have been published recently about the way opioids, for instance, were used to kick-start a massive addiction epidemic? Oxy-codone is FDA approved. And it really works. Just ask the thousands of heroin addicts who started with it.


      1. We’re talking specifically about Ambien. Comparing it to the opioid crisis is like, in your own worlds (excuse me if the quote isn’t quite correct), comparing “apples to washing machines.”

        I’ll repeat: It’s the most widely-prescribed sleeping medication in America for a reason — because it works. It’s beneficial to 99% of its users, who haven’t turned into axe murderers or awakened next to same-sex strangers.


        1. There is no need to repeat something so patently silly. Opioids were very widely prescribed, too. And now some of the most dedicating prescribers are going to jail. Which is where they belong.


    2. Actually, in America companies only need to show the results of studies that they like to the FDA, so the whole concept of rigorous research and testing is a bit of a joke.

      Wasn’t it Ambien that only studied how men reacted to the drug and then found out later that women were under its influence for much longer? That’s not dangerous at all, I’m sure.

      Here’s a brief synopsis:

      Note that the FDA didn’t lower the recommendation because of further research (after the product was already released to the public) but because of “an accumulation of knowledge over time” during which many women took a medication in the prescribed fashion and put their lives in danger doing so. But no, the FDA is the ultimate gold standard of safe and effective substances.


      1. We are all seeing recalls of FDA approved drugs that turn to be dangerous all the time. It’s a joke to say that the FDA approval means its not dangerous.


  3. Sure, people do weird stuff while under Ambien. But the fact that she has tweeted similarly racist stuff on multiple previous occasions should make everyone highly suspicious of this excuse.


        1. Love it when conservatives do this ‘raised by wolves’ routine.

          This is how it’ll go:

          Me: “Exhibit x”
          Cliff: “That’s not really racist. Triggered much, libruls?!!”

          Rinse and repeat.

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        2. She made a racist remark against Susan Rice a few years ago, which she apologized for soon afterwards.


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