Vive la resistance. Or Something.

The 21-century maquis are actually fantasizing about having sex with Trump.

This is embarrassing to watch.

2 thoughts on “Vive la resistance. Or Something.

  1. OT: I’ve begun reading the Tokarczuk book that won the Booker prize (Bieguni – nb terrible title as it’s a bit too close to the word ‘diarreah’ [biegunka] for my liking). I’m not that far in and the first thirty or so pages were kind of tedious but it’s picked up some now.
    I’m not convinced it’s about fluidity yet (beyond the fact that almost everything now is about it to some degree).
    Will let you know more when I have more to say.


  2. People like projecting onto pretty ladies. The “where is Melania” speculation is ridiculous and I’ve seen lots of posters ready to stick her face on a milk carton.


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