9 thoughts on “San Francisco Public Library hosts transgender “art exhibit” featuring weapons intended to kill feminists

  1. This is in a public library — in loony far-lefty San Francisco???

    They don’t call California the great land of fruits and nuts for nothing.


  2. I have never thought I would see the phrase “transgender White Nationalist ,” but apparently human nature can accomodate everything.

    ““Consent culture” activist married to an alleged sexual predator Kitty Stryker” is also priceless.

    As for Cis, I never liked the word but thought it was neutral rather than “a transgender community term, generally used as a slur, for non-transgender people.” If it’s truly used as a slur a lot, how would anyone expect non-trans people to adopt it for self description?


    1. There is a certain brand of “activism” (not just trans, of course) that attracts angry, mean creeps whose only real goal is to yell and bully people.


  3. St. Louis is near you, so decided to share:

    // Four women attacked and beat a lesbian in a homophobic assault on Tuesday night as she exited the ‘Grey Fox Pub’, a gay bar in St. Louis. The women, all members of the transgender movement who identify as ‘Non Binary Trans’ were angered by the victim’s homosexuality and her belief that sexual orientation for most people, straight or gay, is based on biological sex. The women targeted her because previously she referred to one of them (accurately) as being female. All of the assailants are female and also very femininity conforming.

    After the assault the gay-bashers took to social media to brag about and bond over the attack, referring to the victim as a ‘TERF’.



  4. The link was to the tweet “Swear to god if I see that terf bitch in my and my friends’ safe space again, she’s going the f —- down.”

    Another revealing tweet reads “there’s nothing like physically fighting a TERF together to remind you how much your friends are truly your chosen family.”

    In all the discussions about safe places, has anybody analyzed about how this ‘territory’ is protected and what are the acceptable ways and limits to this behavior? I have not seen serious attempts at analysis on femist blogs, as opposed to conservative ones, talking about the protection (and exclusion) measures and their drawbacks. One could also say f.e. that safe place for female prisoners is maintained by exclusion of people born as male.

    All the talk about “chosen family” makes me wonder about the attackers’ relationships with their biological families.

    Btw, the art exhibit could be seen as a victory for capitalism since “the display … was funded by the non-profit Friends of The San Francisco Public Library.” One could donate and have the ideologically opposing exhibit be displayed.


  5. Okay, let’s try again:

    “Cis” is a code word for “traditionally considered sexually normal”: heterosexual, identifying your gender as the body that you were born with .

    No one should be surprised that marginalized people who don’t fall within that category — or contemporary feminists desperate to apologize for their white and various other privileges in the name of “intersectionality” — use it as a slur.


  6. What the bloody buggering fuck.
    Sorry, that’s all I can say. I don’t even know how a movement intended to protect the rights and dignity of trans people could go downhill in such a horrifying way.


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