What’s interesting is how many young families bring grandmas with them to the resort to help with kids. I didn’t know it was a tradition that existed among folks who can afford such resorts.

3 thoughts on “Grandmas”

  1. I think bring a grandmother (or grandfather, less often) to a resort is pretty common. it means that two of the three adults can have a little alone time if they want to.


  2. In my family (extended family, I have no grandparents left unfortunately) when people travel with grandparents it’s usually because the grandparents decided to treat their kids and grand kids to a family trip, often instead of holding a 30/40/50 year wedding anniversary party or instead of holding a big birthday party.

    I have been on three family trips. One when I was a little kid, with my parents, sister, my mothers brother and his family. This trip was to Greece and I think everyone enjoyed it because they could share childcare duties. The second trip was to the Faroese Islands to visit my mothers family, again with my parents, my sister and my mothers brothers family. The third was a trip to London with my parents, my sister, and my mothers sister. She is afraid of flying alone so going with us gave her an opportunity to see the city 🙂


  3. We’ve almost always taken my grandmother on vacations to resorts and whatnot. I never attributed it to helping with us kids, though — we usually just did everything together or in small groups. My grandmother has never been able to afford to travel, so we take her with us.


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