The Border

I agree with Mike:

The “open borders” nonsense of liberals has caused me to separate myself more from them than just about any other area of liberal virtual signalling.

It’s not the top-of-the-list issue I have with them (because I have so many) but it’s in the top five. The degree of obliviousness people exhibit on the issue seems downright malicious.

Once again, I highly recommend Sam Quinones’s Dreamland (that wasn’t even remotely written to address immigration) to start developing an understanding of the issues on our southern border.

14 thoughts on “The Border”

  1. The tiny libertarian part of my political ideology believes in open borders: I don’t like the idea of any government being able to control my movement and demarcate the spaces where I can and can’t be, either for the short term or long term. However, it’s not a position that I would vocally fight for because it will never happen in reality.


    1. In a perfect ideal world, yes open borders would be a good idea and all but eliminating borders between countries that are very close in terms of culture and socio-economic development (like Scandinavia) makes some sense . In the very imperfect world we live in it’s completely unmanageable and will quickly effect incalculable, all but irreversible damage to infrastructure and the environment.


    1. David, why are you for eradication of social programs? Are you sure you will never need them?

      The position of “I will rather starve and suffer then go against my anarchism \ another ideology” is incomprehensible to me.

      The goal to me is having a normal life, not for everybody suffer together for some made up ideology. Our ideologies are supposed to let us live better, not destroy our currently normal lives.


      1. I’m not in favor of an immediate eradication of social programs (ultimately yes, but we have to get more civil and economic liberties before), but this eradication is a necessary consequence of open borders. That’s why I’m not the most pro-open borders (although, I would ultimately support it), comparing to other anarchists.


        1. It’s really really refreshing that you understand the connection between open borders and eradication of social programs. I can live with people having different views from me and I respect that completely. But only as long as people are consistent and have an actual philosophical framework and not just slogans. It’s great to see somebody who does, so thank you.


  2. The result of too open borders:

    // The 1,000-strong Jewish community of Mainz in Germany has expressed shock over the rape and murder of a 14-year-old Jewish girl by a suspected Iraqi asylum seeker, which has left her family “destroyed.”

    Susanna Feldman was found dead on Wednesday in a wooded area near train tracks in Wiesbaden on the opposite bank of the Rhine, near a refugee center where the suspected attacker lived, according to police. An autopsy showed she had been the victim of a sexual and violent attack.

    While Feldman was Jewish, police said there was no evidence her religion was a factor in the crime, and the Central Council of Jews in Germany cautioned against attributing any anti-Semitic motive to her attacker.

    Police said the Iraqi suspect, whom they identified as Ali Bashar, appears to have left abruptly with his family last week, flying to Erbil, Iraq via Istanbul using fake names. He was a suspect in a string of previous offenses in the area, including a robbery at knifepoint.

    A Turkish man who wasn’t previously known to police was also arrested in the latest high-profile case involving migrants.,7340,L-5281798,00.html

    Of course, the Central Council of Jews in Germany thinks it has no choice but to cravingly quote the German PC line of “how can we know why?”.


  3. Interesting whether much more men than women are libertarians and/or open borders advocates since men are probably more likely to live under the illusion of personal inviolability.

    The article about the girl’s murder was published on 06.08.18. She was killed just a few days ago. The article has more details about her and the attackers, if anyone is interested.

    Just have to quote here the last paragraph:

    // Some German Jews have expressed concern about a perceived rise in anti-Jewish prejudice with the influx of mainly Muslim migrants, although German police blame most anti-Semitic incidents on followers of the German far-right.


    1. I am yet to meet a single libertarian woman because this is a very dude type of hobby. But open-borders fanatics are not necessarily libertarian. This is the fashionable and the only socially acceptable position in academia, for instance. The delusional thinking is so strong that I have heard people deny that Mexican drug cartels bring drugs into the US, for instance. And all of these people abhor libertarians. So it’s not a libertarian thing.


  4. I know one female libertarian.

    I suspect that in the relatively near term (say a century or two) there will inevitably be a single planetary government and national borders will become pretty much irrelevant, much like, for example, the border between Kent County and Sussex county here in Delaware. Given the technology of transportation and communication, it is hard to imagine any other future. Then, open borders and social programs will no longer be inconsistent with each other.

    There will, of course, be difficulties on the way to this state of affairs, as there always are.


    1. ” there will inevitably be a single planetary government and national borders will become pretty much irrelevant”

      Sounds perfectly ghastly since the two options are essentially
      1) grinding down regional differences in language and social structure and religion etc, a monolingual mono-religious mono-socio-cultural tidal wave of grey facelessness
      2) a government completely disconnected from the vast majority of citizens (who hunker down in their own smaller communities and erect psycho-emotional borders between themselves and everybody else – a world full of aggrieved and mutually hostile ghettos
      I like the idea that different places are different.


      1. Sounds perfectly ghastly since the two options are essentially…

        You are probably correct. I did not say this was desirable, only that it was inevitable. For perspective, what you describe is a caricature of the way things are in the U. S. right now.


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