Bill Clinton’s Novel

Bill Clinton published a mystery novel? Well, since his wife ventured into the fantasy genre, why not?

If only he didn’t get James Patterson – aka the least gifted author of all times – to write it for him, I might have leafed through it. Couldn’t be much worse than the horrific Araminta Hall book.

Is anybody on the blog going to confess to reading it? Or is it going to be like being a Trump supporter, which people conceal on phone polls, skewing the results?

8 thoughts on “Bill Clinton’s Novel

  1. If I wanted to read fiction written by a Clinton, I’d read Hillary’s famous opus, What the Hell Happened — but then, Melissa McEwan was kind enough to post excerpts from every single chapter on her website, anyway.


    1. This is like the Sean Penn novel or the Tom Hanks shorts story. If these people wanted to know if they had any talent, they’d write under a pen name.

      Whatever the drivel, it will still make lots of money because of the name.


  2. “James Patterson – aka the least gifted author of all times”

    Fairly sure I haven’t read him and from his wiki-bibliography he seems like Barbara Cartland who probably wrote more books than she read… there’s no way to actually write that many books, he’s either using ghosts or a computerized writing program… now I’m interested in seeing if he’s as bad as you say. I did force myself through one Barbara Cartland novel just to say I’d done it, but…. yikes, scary stuff (not the writing – the idea that it had an audience).
    The dullest author I’ve ever read though has to be sci-fi fantasy guy Piers Anthony, I had a friend who liked his books and I ended up trying a couple and… no. It turns out my friend liked what I hated “there’s no description! or interesting dialogue!” yikes…


      1. How long has it been since you could access it? There might be something with the idiotic EU regulations I have to do…. It shows up fine on my computers (and phone)


  3. I very much enjoyed Jimmy Carter’s novel, The Hornet’s Nest. So far as I know, he wrote it himself. I have no doubt that Bill Clinton could have written one himself; maybe he did not want to take the time to do so?? If he had, I would read it.


  4. Most politicians should stick to being politicians, even though most of them are very familiar with fiction. They ain’t convincing as novelists, especially when they can’t even write the damn words!
    The best known British politician/novelist is Geoffrey Archer and he wrote at least one of his best sellers in prison for perjury and perverting the course of justice, which tells you all you really need to know about Mr Archer. He does write his own fiction.


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