Going Backwards

It scares me that there are people who can seriously write this kind of utterly ridiculous crap:

The power differential between a 22-year-old intern and a 49-year-old boss makes any sexual interaction wrong. And if you throw in the fact that he was president — the country’s parent and someone serving in loco parentis for the youngest White House staffers — it’s an inexcusable abuse of power.

And this is being sold to us as some sort of a feminist advance. Unbelievable.

If Bill Clinton is guilty of rape, it should be investigated and discussed. But seeing sexual harassment in the Monica Lewinsky brouhaha is almost as crazy as suggesting that women need a daddy in the workplace to protect them from having sex.

I find the current hollowing out of the concept of sexual harassment so disturbing because I now don’t have words to describe what I experienced back in Ukraine and other places.

“I was harassed but not in the sense of chasing after rich married men. And not in the sense of being upset that a former boyfriend dedicated a shorter paragraph to me than to his other girlfriend in an essay. And not in the sense of a boyfriend refusing to helping me get published.”

If people want to engage in a protracted collective spectacle of re-infantilizing women, what are you going to do? But could they at least invent a new vocabulary for doing it? Because this is getting beyond ridiculous.


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