Let Losers Keep Losing

And that’s what I’m afraid it’s going to be like not only in the next election but in every one since now and until forever:

One hundred and fifty days and then I don’t want to hear anymore about how you just weren’t excited to vote for the Democrat you had the chance to vote for, they didn’t tickle your liberal fancy just right, the fucking earth is caving in so either get over yourself and show up for your immigrant, minority, gay, trans brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus or get the fuck off my Internet.

It’s sad that there are people who still buy into this vapid sloganeering but it’s even sadder that this is the entirety of the political space right now.

At least I now know what purpose this apocalyptic bleating serves. People need it to convince themselves to go vote for mega rich champions of globalization. The only way anybody can muster the enthusiasm to vote for a candidate like, say, Pritzker is to pretend that it’s Pritzker or the apocalypse.


8 thoughts on “Let Losers Keep Losing”

  1. I confused him with Jim Webb. Bad sign.

    Warner has made it clear that he doesn’t feel the “fire in his belly to run at this point,” according to a source with knowledge of his thinking.
    “Being a senator sucks WAY LESS than running for President. Did you see what happened to the last nominee? Ugh, I hate camping in NoVa.”

    Recently, he was one of 12 Democrats who sponsored the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protect Act, a bill that rolls back Dodd-Frank regulations mainly for community banks with less than $100 billion in assets.
    Ha! It’s a no from me.


      1. Yeah, the democratic party really know how to harness this new energy. Also, I love how the media falsely describes the ‘conflict’ in the party on issues like medicare for all, as if they aren’t popular.

        The only ‘conflict’ is between the rich donor class and the voters. Voters LOVE these ideas.


  2. News:

    Merkel’s party eyes tougher asylum rules after Jewish teen murder
    Conservatives in Germany call for faster deportation of failed asylum seekers after rape and murder of Jewish girl by Iraqi suspect stokes further anger over Berlin’s liberal immigration policies.

    “Who can understand that a rejected asylum seeker who has been tried several times for various violent crimes cannot be deported, but the same man manages to travel back to his home country in a cloak and dagger operation?” Baldauf said.

    The Iraqi suspect, who arrived in Germany at the height of Europe’s migrant crisis in 2015, was known to police because he had become violent with officials over his asylum status.

    Bashar had previously been suspected in the rape of an 11-year-old girl at a refugee centre, although an investigation was inconclusive. His asylum request was rejected in December 2016.



  3. In response to the cited article: Fuck you! Don’t tell me what to do. If you, the Democratic candidate, want me to vote for you, you have to earn my vote. I’m not voting for the “lesser of two evils” anymore.


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