What is the point of writing such inane, silly articles as today’s massively linked “Why can’t we hate men?

To make people think that gender studies is a ridiculous field? They already do.

To get permission to hate men? It’s hardly needed. Hate them, don’t hate them, whatever.

To convince men not to run for political office? That’s even more ridiculous than gender studies.

To make money? Surely, it can’t be that hard to make money without making a complete fool out of oneself.

To get all the hits and links? If that’s the goal, a couple of naked photos would produce a better effect in a lot less time.

It’s just such a silly, pathetic thing to do.


2 thoughts on “Pathetic”

  1. The problem with such pathetic articles is that they don’t do any effective political work around the important issues of sexism, sexual assault, male violence, etc. Please save your (perhaps very valid) frustrations and venting for conversations with friends rather than try to pass them off as a sophisticated essay for public consumption. You’re only embarrassing yourself.


  2. There are days when I feel her anger and frustration. Yes, this piece would work better as a blog rant than an actual newspaper article, and it probably will do nothing to advance any good cause. Then again, there is no lack of subpar essays being published.
    I don’t know how old she is, but if she’s young, I suggest her to pick up a guitar and start a band. Music is great for venting.


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