One of Those Days

So what’s happened at the meeting between Trump and the North Korean guy?

It’s been a crazy day here because Klara and I decided to go explore the town, which was probably not the smartest idea because first she didn’t want to get in the cab, then she didn’t want to get out of the cab, then she wanted to hug every mannequin at the store, then she was upset that there were no daddy mannequins which reminded her that her own daddy wasn’t there, then she wanted to lie on the floor and kick the stand holding books with her feet, then she had a mega meltdown, then she thought it would be fun to throw her red ball in the traffic, then she got scared of the wooden figure of a smiling pizza man because he had a big moustache, then she didn’t want to get on the bus, then she wanted to see if my yellow pants would look nice decorated with beans from the Mexican restaurant, then I had to carry her for half a mile. And that was just the beginning of it.

It doesn’t happen often but today was one of those days. And I want to find out about the North Korean meeting but I can’t process information any more. And all I’m thinking is, wow, that’s how Trump’s aides must feel every day, poor buggers.

24 thoughts on “One of Those Days

    1. I don’t think it’s a useful analogy because Obama ran from a different party whose supporters look for different things. If W. Bush had done this, Obama would probably never get elected to begin with.


      1. Trump supporters would have gone berserked if Obama would have done only one of those 2 same things. It’s not about things to look for, it’s about being anti-left.


        1. But the point is that Obama’s supporters would have hated it, too. Trump is playing to his audience and Obama was playing to his. Both are very successful at it. They just have different kinds of supporters.


  1. “So what’s happened at the meeting between Trump and the North Korean guy?”

    In a nutshell:

    The U.S. President and the dictator of North Korea met face to face for the first time ever. This is “historic,” no matter what ultimately comes out of the meeting. They had a very short photo-op, which was a big win for North Korea’s dictator. Trump made a major concession up front, saying the joint military exercises between the U.S. and South Korea would end. Apparently, Kim Jong Un only gave nice-sounding words.

    The Democrats, of course, are already saying that Trump got played for a big sucker.

    Trump-lovers like Sean Hannity are gleefully predicting the start of a world-changing peace agreement.

    At this point, NOBODY knows how all this will turn out.


      1. The Trump/Kim meeting doesn’t strike me so far as any better or worse than any first deal with a stinking, rotten, murderous regime where you hold your nose and say nice things to and about them for the sake of possible future improvements in relations. Whether that will happen is anybody’s guess.
        The promise to not hold exercises with SKorea was not requested (AFAIK) and will be easy to walk back when the Norks inevitably start to make extra demands.


          1. When Stalin died, people wept completely sincerely and saw his death as a personal tragedy. Even the highly educated, countercultural people.


  2. LOL, I thought this blog was above making Trump-toddler comparisons. I like how you snuck it in there. 😉


    1. I’ve had a hard day and I think I deserve it. It’s a rare indulgence. I’d rather have a small schnapps and a cigarette but I have to do this instead. I hope everybody understands.


  3. I just want to know: what did you do about Klara and a car seat in the taxi? I was able to legally use a black cab sans car seats with the kids in the UK last year, but I wasn’t sure what the rules are here. I’m curious because it may be nice to take some taxis with the kids when we’re on our own vacation in a few weeks, but I couldn’t figure out if the cabs would take us without car seats.


    1. Are you in California? That’s where I think you aren’t allowed to take a cab without a car seat. We are in Florida and it’s allowed.

      If you are in a big city that doesn’t allow it, there’s an option to request an Uber with a car seat. It’s $10 more but if it’s the only option,then it might work.


      1. In California, you can take a child in a cab without a car seat within city limits, but not on a freeway. It’s a huge bummer because you can’t get anywhere to anywhere in CA without getting on a freeway.


        1. Thanks, Clarissa and Anon. Yes, I’m in CA and we’re vacationing close to home this year 🙂 That’s actually very useful to know we don’t need a carseat as long as we’re within city limits: we’re staying in Santa Barbara and will just need to get between downtown and the beach area, which is all within city limits. It’s not far at all, but just a bit too far for 3 and 5 year old legs 🙂 I think there’s a summer shuttle bus, which the kids will love, but it’s good to know that cabs are at least an option.


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