Drag Shows on Demand

I took an Oxy and now have a hard time figuring out what is real. For instance, I just got an email from Uber with the subject line “Drag Shows on Demand Return.” I love drag shows with an uncommon passion but I can’t figure out what Uber has to do with them. Do they deliver performers in their cars, and if so, where do I sign up?

God, I miss drag shows. For some reason, I only ever watch them in Toronto.

Yes, I’m loopy. My surgery had to be rescheduled to tomorrow because I was in great pain, so I bought a thousand-page true crime novel to entertain me in recovery.

20 thoughts on “Drag Shows on Demand

  1. Well, glad to hear you’re finally getting the surgery. It won’t be too long now until you can start eating real food like kielbasa again. Have a speedy recovery!


  2. Good luck with the surgery! I didn’t know you read true crime. What book is it? What authors have you read? I love true crime.


    1. I’m reading this notorious Fatal Vision by Joe McGinnis.

      I love the genre since I first read Ann Rule’s book about Ted Bundy back in Ukraine. Unfortunately, I don’t get to read it very often but it’s a fun genre.


      1. “this notorious Fatal Vision by Joe McGinnis”

        First, may the surgery be uneventful and successful!

        Second, you might want a back up book or two, Fatal Vision is really harrowing, one of the scariest things I’ve ever read, it completely freaked me out.


        1. One of my favorites! I even read a book about the book. I think it was called the Journalist and the Murderer. It was a very interesting analysis.
          Please review Fatal Vision! I’d love to hear what you think of Dr. Macdonald and the whole family dynamic. By that I include his family of origin not just the one he killed.


          1. That’s why I’m reading the book! I really want to read Journalist and Murderer and then McGinnis’s response. I’ll definitely be posting reviews of the whole thing. It’s fascinating.

            If you can recommend other favorites of yours, I’ll be very grateful. I’ve been off the genre for a couple of years after reading a very poorly written book about that American girl convicted in Italy. I want to discover some good new ones. You know what I like: nothing about mafia or organized crime. Family murders I like to read about a lot.

            This sounded weird.

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            1. I remember a fascinating one some years ago about the Genene Jones case (Deadly Medicine) but that involves small children so you’ll probably want to give that one a miss.
              I just read a fascinating one about one of the most famous Polish serial killers (the Vampire of Zagłębie). I’m usually not very interested in serial killers but this one was interesting for its look into the workings of communist period system of “justice” (I’ve been considering reviewing it but it’s in Polish)


        2. I’m skipping the parts about the injuries to the kids.

          I’m 40% in, and what I can say is that the author is very talented. Ethical or not, he’s got talent.


          1. I remember reading an excerpt of Fatal Vision in Rolling Stone and the author was so good at portraying (invoking? summoning?) evil that I hardly slept that night (realizing that my reaction was ridiculous). The part where he takes the reader step by step through his version of the murders was one of the creepiest things I’d ever read.

            A few years later I started the book while on a visit…. and same reaction but to different parts. Kind of creepy just remembering it…


            1. Wait, I haven’t gotten to his version of the murders yet! No spoilers! 🙂

              He’s talented for sure. Where he went too far is that he clearly detested the MacDonald fellow and got a bit overboard with trying to find evidence of him as evildoer in really silly anecdotes.


      1. I read the link. Do not know what to say. When you read such things, do you believe in narrator’s innocence?


        1. I don’t think innocence is the point. The problem here is the structure of the criminal justice system. No presumption of innocence, no right to speedy trial, the mistreatment of the family. And it’s not like he’s suspected of being a serial killer or a violent criminal of any kind.


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