Numb to Outrage

Numb to Outrage, Republican Voters Feel a Deepening Bond to Trump.

I’m now a registered Democrat and I feel no bond with anybody, especially Trump, but I totally get the “numb to outrage” part.

5 thoughts on “Numb to Outrage”

  1. It’s as if it’s a strategy that the republican party is benefiting from. In a normal (by which I mean a non-banana republic) country, there’s literally dozens of scandals that would make every single member of the administration including the president, resign. But there’s just too much to cover. Resignation-worthy scandals can’t even make it through a 24 hour news cycle.

    And these grifters are counting on it.


  2. Maybe it’s time the media was a little bit more honest in profiling ‘random’ persuadable voters from the HEART LAND who are being driven to vote for trump because of all the needless outrage.

    Spoiler: they’re not random. They’re committed right wingers, not people on the fence. Stop being conned by this genre of articles.

    ‘Yes, it is truly shocking that a Ron Paul-supporting neocondeferate still supports Donald Tump! ‘


    1. “If I were @jwpetersNYT, I might do enough research so my piece on Trump voters who still love Trump could note that I was profiling an activist who spends her time defending monuments to Treason in Defense of Slavery.”


      1. “If I were @jwpetersNYT, I might do enough research so…”

        But since the imbecile who originally posted this Tweet (which is almost certainly was, minus the image) did no research at all except to sneer at voters and people whom he considers inferior and ignorant, let’s all laugh along with his liberal superiority.

        Trump owes idiots like him a huge debt of gratitude. This smug progressive cretin was a big help when Trump won the 2016 election — and the Trump Re-election Campaign should send him a bouquet of flowers in 2020.

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