High Ground

The people I don’t get are the ones who are arguing over which side started the family separations (or laid the groundwork, or made the first tentative move in that direction, etc.) At this point, nobody yet knows how to put an end to this horror. Nobody knows how to reunite kids with their parents.

It’s not about anybody’s moral high ground. The bickering over who’s a better person isn’t helping these kids and isn’t solving the issue.

And I really hope nobody asks me what I think will help because I already answered this a million times. A clear-cut, unambiguous immigration bill that will stop giving people false hope and luring them in with false information. Let’s make up our minds already and let the world know. Whatever it is, let’s just decide already and stop torturing people with false hopes while we use them to pat ourselves on the back for being better than whomever.

5 thoughts on “High Ground”

  1. 23 and Me offered their services for free to reunite children with their parents. It’s very easy using mDNA or the X and Y chromosomes.


  2. Well, the ones arguing about who started it are the ones who actually don’t care and do support Trump. They just haven’t got the guts to admit it.


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