Convincing Arguments

The analyst is trying to convince me to teach Klara Russian.

“This will help her feel more comfortable with people from other cultures!” he says.

“I don’t care about that, though,” I explain.

“She will grow up to be more tolerant!”

“I don’t care about that either.”

“Her academic achievement will be a lot higher if she speaks another language.”

“She’s a genius already, so whatever.”

“She will be able to read Russian literature in the original!”

“I think the literature is worthless and the culture is crap.”

“She’ll feel really superior to other kids if she can speak an exotic language.”

“Hah! OK, now you are talking. I’ll start teaching her today.”

5 thoughts on “Convincing Arguments

  1. I think you would be more likely to teach her Spanish if anything. You love Hispanic culture and it is more likely to be useful for her than Russian living in the US.


  2. If you want her to learn a language that Americans find exotic, have her study Basque alongside you. Then Klara and mommy can learn something together!


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