What’s Happening in Helsinki?

There is a reliable way to find out what happens between Putin and Trump at their one-on-one meeting.

When the meeting was announced, Russia started preparing yet another major offensive against the Ukrainian city of Mariupol. It’s crucial for Russia to take Mariupol because the annexed Crimea is literally dying unless it’s connected to Russia by land. Russians have been trying to create a land way to the Crimea by conquering the Ukrainian territories that stand in the way since the beginning of the war. They eventually ran out of resources and had to stop.

Right now, major military formations are being brought to the border and prepared to strike. If Trump tells Putin what he needs to hear, Putin will strike. Meaning, if the strike happens, we’ll know with great certainty what happened at the meeting.

I know we can’t possibly care because the war in Iraq somehow gave us a convenient excuse not to but if there is anybody who prefers knowledge to empty speculation, here is a good way towards that knowledge.

5 thoughts on “What’s Happening in Helsinki?”

    1. It’s really not a good moment to be cryptic. I’m seeing no updates on the Russian-language side. If anybody has links, now is the time to share. This is not the day when I hate links.


      1. I still can’t figure out what really happened. You can get whole transcripts of the press conference but I thought the meeting itself was a secret? I haven’t figured it out.


        1. We still don’t know what happened in the one-on-one. All we can do is look at what happens in the aftermath and try to guess. To me, the military activities or lack thereof will serve as a pretty reliable indication. It’s too early to say right now. The main issues were Crimea, Iran, Nordstream, Ukraine, and tariffs. From the presser, it doesn’t look like Trump ceded on the first three. The last two, we can’t know right now.


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