New Developments in Feminist Theory

Hey, folks, good news for feminist scholars. Turns out that the global economic crisis of 2008-9 had a wonderful effect on the field of feminist studies. They have finally – FINALLY! – moved away from the navel-gazing calls for inclusion and intersectionality and are now in a completely new and very promising territory of engaging with the reality of global capitalism and fluidity. I missed this development completely because I had given up on feminist theory precisely when the crisis was beginning. And now I was forced to go back to the field and was pleasantly surprised.

For those who are interested in exploring this new strand of feminist theory, I recommend you begin with the second edition of Postfeminism: Cultural Texts and Theories by Stéphanie Genz and Benjamin Brabon. It has to be the second edition, though, because the first was published in 2009 and was still all about intersectionality and all that.

I will post more sources as I go along.

This is very heartening because I was so not looking forward to writing this feminist article because all I care about is global capitalism and the nationalist response to it. And now it turns out that feminism has gone in this direction, too. This is my first day of writing the article (I don’t consult any sources until I create my own thesis) and I’m already feeling encouraged.

4 thoughts on “New Developments in Feminist Theory”

  1. Is there a worthy and noble cause that feminism should have nothing to say about. If no then feminism is such an expansive concept as to be useless and to be replaced by whatever cause the author thinks is worthy and noble. If yes then whatever logic you use should easily be able to be applied to a host of other things. Should a feminist have an opinion of the 2008 crisis or is this something to be left to economists and political scientists? Should a feminist have an opinion about black holes and string theory? If some of these scholars also have an awareness of feminist theory, that very well may be to their benefit.


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