Turns out the DNC calls at 8 am on weekends, too.

I hope it’s a sign of enthusiasm and not desperation.

3 thoughts on “Eager

  1. Maybe it’s both? I talked with people canvassing for Democratic party state representative and county commissioner candidates in the Starbucks near my place yesterday. They were very interested in the fact I had done election protection before.


    1. The Florida primary is the end of this month, August 28. I changed registration in 2016 and have already received my ballot by mail. I’d keep checking your registration on the rolls, honestly.


  2. Side note: I was researching Democrats and trade and I found out Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer praised Trump for the tariffs (among many other Democrats; I think our politicians were more supportive than the GOP’s.) Yet some people think we should run against tariffs in midterms? I don’t get it; even if you’re anti-tariff, that’s running against your own party in many cases.


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