I’m Back

Today I recovered from the surgery. It’s exactly 6 weeks, and the recovery was kind of instantaneous. I woke up and suddenly felt exactly like I did the day before I started having my health problems.

And then I ate a slice of pizza, not even because I wanted it but to compensate for Klara’s loud “what is this, mommy? What is everybody eating?” at the birthday party. So I had to take one for the cause of making immigrants more acceptable, which was not the best idea given the kind of surgery I had.

Still, I’m back and I feel normal. Normal is wonderful.

3 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Free medical advice:
    Good news that you’re suddenly instantly well — but don’t make the mistake of instantly going from 50% of normal activity to 100% without any easing in. The idea is to stay well!

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  2. I remember a couple months after my gallbladder surgery, suddenly realizing that I wasn’t tensing up after I ate, expecting a random painful attack any more. It was amazing.


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