It’s been weeks since the Putin-Trump meeting in Helsinki. The invasion of Mariupol never materialized. I can only conclude that Trump gave Putin nothing. This is real evidence. Everything else is idle social media blabber.

10 thoughts on “Nothing

  1. Nobody’s investigating Putin for blackmail.

    Trump and people close to him are being investigated for soliciting help from Russians to get ‘dirt’ on Clinton. Also, obstruction of justice. And campaign finance violations, etc. It doesn’t fucking matter if Putin ‘got something back’. It is irrelevant to the investigation.

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      1. Exactly. I have relatives with small children in the Donbass right now. My aunt traveled there yesterday to be with her grandkids. We are understandably terrified.

        By the way, your coat will be there on Saturday. I’m sorry for the delay but I’ve been very useless.


        1. “I have relatives with small children in the Donbass”

          Here’s hoping your relatives are all okay (I’d hope that the Russian population got tired of invading other countries but I know better than to ask for miracles…)


          1. They are idiots who could have left a long time ago but they didn’t. One of them crosses the border into Ukraine (illegally) twice a week and drags her very small kids with her. That’s how she makes a living.

            But she’s my cousin. I held her as a baby. I want her to be safe, dumb as she might be. So obviously this is a great relief.

            By the way, the kids are not vaccinated because Dumbassians (as we call Donbassians) don’t believe in vaccines.


        2. Thank you for doing that! And delay doesn’t matter — it is still hot here. Also I think you may be getting more done than I…


      2. “Wasn’t Clarissa’s concern about invasion of UKR?”

        I meant it doesn’t matter for the purposes of the investigation if there were a quid pro quo or not.


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