The Crossing

Today I drove Klara to school.

Then I drove to Walgreens to get a pink pool noodle.

Then I drove to a diner to get breakfast because I now can eat diner food.

Then I drove to the post office to mail a package.

Then I drove home because N wanted me to check if he’d left his wallet at home.

Then I drove to a gas station.

Then I drove to the mechanic to repair my car’s AC.

Then I drove to another post office that accepts passport applications.

Then I drove to the Global Foods store.

Then I drove back home.

Then I drove to pick Klara up.

Then I drove us to the swimming pool.

And then I drove us home.

And that’s when I realized I had crossed over to the dark side and became part of the car culture.

7 thoughts on “The Crossing

      1. “doing your Korean beauty thing while driving around”

        Free medical advice:
        If you’re doing ANYTHING except concentrating on the road while you’re behind the wheel of your car, you may not be part of the car culture for long!


        1. I can see you are not very familiar with Korean beauty rituals. 🙂 All I do is wear a patch on my nose while I drive. The patch reduces the size of pores. Not that I have inordinately large pores but it’s still fun.


          1. “I can see you are not very familiar with Korean beauty rituals. ”

            You’re right about that! I saw a lot of pretty girls when I was stationed in Korea, but had no idea how they got that way.


    1. ” I absolutely love driving”

      I didn’t mind driving so much (that having to do so for work – 200 to 400 mile jumps every few days got very wearying). And I hate traffic (having to drive through Fort Myers Florida twice a day for the better part of a year did that).
      Tootling along on a well kept road in the country with very few other vehicles around, the air conditioner on and the windows open – fun.
      Negotiating an eight lane free-for-all when every other car is either a half-blind retiree or a redneck driving a beater that should have been sold for parts years prior and none of them watching much where they’re going … pass.


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