The Haul

All of this talk about Lithuanian bread made me feel like gobbling some Lithuanian bread. So I got a bunch:

4 thoughts on “The Haul

  1. Mine isn’t here yet but it will be 5 pounds. A part must be frozen. $25.90 with shipping for 5 pounds of bread. Therefore, I hope it is good!


    1. I read the website and it’s the right recipe for sure, so I think it will be great. Mine’s divine. I just ate a huge chunk and now can’t move.


  2. I don’t have any bread in the house and want some. I am trying to wait for this but am sorely tempted to go out and buy something to tide me over until this comes.


  3. And OK, this is scary. My friend invited me to Argentina next summer so I looked to see if I had enough frequent flyer miles to pay for it. I don’t. So I checked for Riga. I do. Then I checked for Moscow. I have that, too. I guess I’ll check Kazan now. This is getting quite quite tantalizing.


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