Ocasio-Cortez gets so much media attention because she, and people like her, are Republicans’ only hope of not losing the election in November.

Republicans have absolutely no message of their own. None. Voters very clearly don’t want more Reagan, more austerity, and more handouts to big business. So Republicans roll out the tired old bugbear of “the other guys are too scary and radical.” And they might just be successful because instead of kindly discouraging the eager young woman from becoming the Left’s Sarah Palin, the Democratic leadership is trotting her out for the world to see. What stands behind it – a sexist desire to see a young woman get publicly mocked and destroyed, a manifestation of the Democrats’ tendency to self-sabotage, or an honest delusion that AOC’s slogans stand a chance of going mainstream – is unclear. What is clear is that Democrats have rarely been better positioned going into midterms and they will have to fight very hard to lose them.

4 thoughts on “AOC”

      1. Ah, yes. I don’t know, we’ll see. I’m an official DSA member since T got elected, but I’ve always had mixed feelings about them. My truly great representative Ron Dellums was a founder, though, and I’m in various organizations I don’t think are perfect (AAUP is another). Maybe I’m too laissez-faire sometimes, but my reaction to her election was oh, interesting, maybe she’l be good/do some good. I don’t know. She was elected, so WTH.


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