Helpful Collectivity

The plan also penalizes parents for each child by putting retirement further out of reach each time they take leave. Mr. Rubio has emphasized that his bill allows parents to “use their own money.” This perpetuates the idea that child rearing is an individual, not a collective, responsibility.

Yes, let’s stop perpetuating this egregious idea right now. Classes start next week and I uncharacteristically have no syllabi prepared. I need the child-rearing collectivity to fold Klara’s laundry, prepare her a snack and dinner, get her from school, and take her to the playground. But the collectivity needs to be prepared in case she chooses to go to the swimming pool instead.

Come on, collectivity, get to it and make it snappy.

6 thoughts on “Helpful Collectivity”

  1. Well, I had a non-socialist thought just the other day. Neighbors whose already existing kids are on public aid, are having another. Because it would be nice. And I thought: what? on my dime? when I wouldn’t expect that kind of indulgence for myself? I thought Republican-ly.


  2. “…..But the collectivity needs to be prepared in case she chooses to go to the swimming pool instead…..”

    She is afforded the freedom to exercise this degree of choice in these matters?

    Besides, the ‘collectivity’ and their myriad voiding bladders are the last things you’d want colluding with you in your child-rearing activities.



      1. But it also forms good habits. She learns: after school/work it is good to go and get some fresh air and exercise, and maybe socialize with a different group of people — and it’s good to know what the options for that are, and to choose the one you’re in the mood for. I’ll bet she feels a lot more like a real person choosing than being chosen for, happier than she would if just taken somewhere however nice, learns to let other people choose sometimes too, doesn’t develop passive aggression, etc., etc.


        1. I think it’s very important to exercise age appropriate freedom. She chooses her own clothes and shoes but they have to work with the weather. She also learns that choices have consequences. If we go to the park, we don’t get to go to the splash pad

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