What’s Worse Than Guns?

Drug overdoses killed about 72,000 Americans last year, a record number that reflects a rise of around 10 percent, according to new preliminary estimates from the Centers for Disease Control. The death toll is higher than the peak yearly death totals from H.I.V., car crashes or gun deaths.

But God forbid anybody should suggest doing something about the porousness of the borders. Because black-tar heroin laced with fentanyl come to us from Montana, right?

5 thoughts on “What’s Worse Than Guns?”

  1. How can you claim to be a progressive when you parrot Trump’s rhetoric about “dope-carrying illegal immigrants”?

    You can’t fight America’s drug problem at the Mexican border. You have to attack it at its source — in the inner cities and ghettos of the United States, where inequality and injustice has caused marginalized citizens to lose all hope in life, and to turn to drugs as a doomed escape into nowhere.


    1. The serious drug problems in the US aren’t confined to the big cities. It’s horrible in lots of small towns and rural areas.


      1. Right where I live it’s been a big problem for the past 5 years. And it’s not getting better. Students tell me about relatives or friends who overdosed all the time. And now it’s more and more young kids.


    2. The opioid epidemic isn’t happening among indigent African Americans. It happening among rural and suburban whites in the Midwest.

      As for the cartels, I wouldn’t call them immigrants. They are not trying to immigrate. They move their goods across the border, going in and out as a matter of course.


  2. From point of view of some capitalists, politicians and quite a few voters, who are against social programs, killing off “unproductive” parts of population is a plus or, at least, not bad.


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