Furternity Leave

This is how desperate companies are to retain workers:

A Minneapolis marketing company recently made tweaks to its employee benefits this summer, ranging from conventional to unusual. It gave workers a larger commuter stipend, as well as a reason to avoid the office altogether: “fur-ternity leave,” or the ability to work from home for a week to welcome new dogs or cats.

Of course, it’s a certain kind of workers. This is a creative industry where personal idiosyncrasies are in high demand.

4 thoughts on “Furternity Leave

  1. Judging by the sleek white office interiors, I’m guessing “furternity” is code for “please don’t bring your non-housebroken shedding puppy/kitten to shed all over everything, chew shoes and poop everywhere.”

    At least that’s the capitalist reasoning behind such a ridiculously named benefit. I think.

    Pet bereavement leave = “Nobody wants to hear you sobbing and sniffling in the open space plan over Old Yeller, so please go home.”

    Why aren’t there specialized cards or such for pet deaths? Is it the fact the demographic that would care so much about it also doesn’t really do greeting cards? On the other hand people of all ages dote on their pets.

    I went to college with a woman who asked for an extension on her final history paper because her roleplaying game character died. Yes, she got the extension. I had, um, other reasons.


    1. There are absolutely specialized cards for pet bereavement.


      On the other hand, there are bosses who expect to be able to interrupt employees weddings, chemotherapy appointments, and funerals with work questions:



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