A Resourceful Retiree

In Russia, a 73-year-old woman in Siberia tased the postman who was delivering pensions*, bound and gagged him, took his money bag that contained the pensions of the 46 retirees living in her neighborhood, hopped on a plane, and left for Thailand.

The postman stayed gagged for 3 days until a neighbor found him and called for help. It was later discovered that the resourceful retiree had taken out a loan with her apartment as collateral and purchased a one-way ticket to Thailand in preparation for the assault on the postman.

Thailand is known in Russia, first and foremost, as the prime destination for sexual tourism. When I imagine the kind of life a 73-year-old woman could have had in Siberia, I can only feel happy she’ll finally have a good time.

* There is no banking system to do direct deposits. Pension payments are delivered in person by postmen.

5 thoughts on “A Resourceful Retiree”

        1. “happy for the lady”

          The problem is…. how long can 46 Russian monthly pensions last? I have trouble imagining that Russian pensions cover a month of living in Russia much less Thailand (where often prices for foreigners are double or triple the prices for natives).
          There was an extremely depressing Polish movie with a similar plot point (though in the movie it was the mailwoman protagonist who steals the money).


  1. “the pensions of the 46 retirees living in her neighborhood”

    Would they get replacement pensions? Everything I know about Russia says…. no, they get to eat air for a month, but on the other hand I have the idea that senior citizens are the most enthusiastic Putinites and so they might get a sliver more… attention from the government than other demographics.


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