Toddler Snacks

I’m always on the lookout for a good snack that my toddler will like, and I found a really good one. Trader Joe’s Coconut Clusters are a really great toddler snack. And by toddler snack I mean the kind of thing that makes one push the kid out of the way and yell “gimme that cos if mamma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy!”

It’s delicious.

Any good snack suggestions are appreciated. But if you are the kind of person who likes to share that your favorite toddler snack is organic carrots you grew yourself with homemade hummus or something of the kind, please don’t. Nobody likes you.

19 thoughts on “Toddler Snacks

  1. Trader Joe’s is great for toddler snacks! I’ll have to look out for those coconut clusters because they sound delicious. We also like the lentil curly chips – they taste like cardboard at first but then weirdly I always want more.


  2. My 4 year old loves the crunchy seaweed snacks at Trader Joe’s (though not the spicy one). She can eat one whole box for lunch!


  3. The Trader Joe cluster bars are too expensive — $1 an ounce! Buy Klara a “Snicker’s” bar, which has the virtue of NO COCONUT, tastes much better, and is less than 30 cents an ounce.


    1. A Snickers is too chewy even for me, let alone for her. She likes my husband’s protein bars that she calls “special cookies.” Of course, she only gets tiny pieces, not the whole thing.


  4. Gosh I am trying to remember what I ate for snacks as a toddler. I remember what the meals were but I do not remember any snacks. The first snacks I remember were after-school snacks, which is post-toddler. Hmmmm. Did toddlers always have snacks?


    1. “Did toddlers always have snacks?”

      -I remember preschool better than daycare, but I do have the distinct memory of a morning daycare snack. I’m pretty sure a lot of daycares and preschools will do a mid-morning snack, and those that don’t will at least do a mid-afternoon snack.


      1. When I got to school there were snacks, but I didn’t go to preschool or daycare so I was post-toddler. School snacks were milk and graham crackers and I wouldn’t eat them, the milk was heavy and a little warm and the graham crackers were sweet and either slightly damp, or stale, or crumbly, or all of the above, and stuck to your teeth.


          1. Things I had as a child and miss are: swordfish, red snapper, Petrale sole … apples and other fruit right from the tree, not artificially grown or picked green and shipped … and round steak (it’s a cheap cut, but it’s still a steak). Damned lucky. We also had dark bread, pickled herring, and kefir. And hard-boiled eggs with tomatoes and cucumbers. And cantaloupes. These are my favorite foods although now I also like cooked vegetables quite a lot.


            1. But as a tiny child: breakfast = eggs, bacon, orange juice, whole wheat toast with butter, honey, and strawberry jam, and milk. lunch = bologna sandwich, apple, cookies, milk (I really did not like this meal). dinner = lamb chop, shell macaroni with butter, frozen vegetable, salad, milk. I did not then and do not now like these meals, but if I smell them I immediately miss the house and my parents. I want to cook with my mother and make little pies.

              True nostalgia, that I did not realize I had to this degree: Chinese food. There was always Chinese food. It is in my bones. I know it because if I am ever on a dark and slightly dank street at night, and I smell garlic and chiles cooking in oil in the way only a wok can do it, and that smell mixes with floating fog, I can be anywhere but my cells and molecules will do a regression somehow and I will think I am very young and in San Francisco.


  5. I don’t know about as a toddler, but peanut butter on graham crackers (or on celery if I was forced to be more healthy) was by far my favorite after school snack – from elementary through high school.


    1. Ok, I googled ants on a log. It’s such a lovely dish! I never heard of it before. Thank you!!!

      Boiled eggs are great. I love them myself. If only it weren’t so hot here 9 months out of the year.

      I made the mistake of bringing boiled eggs with me to the children’s museum, and after 40 minutes in extreme heat, people started looking at me real funny.


      1. “I made the mistake of bringing boiled eggs with me to the children’s museum.”

        What’s the problem with boiled eggs in hot weather?? Surely, they don’t go bad if you keep them unrefrigerated in a bag for thirty minutes before you eat them.


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