The Onion

Folks, this is priceless. It could be a readymade piece for The Onion titled “Students Are Grateful to Professor for Teaching Them to Write”:

That is (and in general) the byzantine conceptual multi-dimensionalities of the post-structuralist legacy: toward intellectual play (and, perforce, warfare) in general, then, we might propose, approaching, as he did, the complexities and subtleties of literature, art, and music – extraordinary in itself to be so versatile nowadays – with a precociously rich sense of their instability, their vulnerability, and indeed what we cannot avoid calling their hypocrisy.

Somebody tell me they are trying to be funny. This is too scary otherwise.

11 thoughts on “The Onion

  1. I hope they are trying to be funny, too. It certainly got me to laugh. Heretofore, the only authors who could induce laughter in me when I was alone in a room reading were Mark Twain, Tom Robbins, and Jennifer Stevenson. Add one more.

    (I have not posted for several days, since I had almost no internet access. I could read and write emails, but I could not visit any websites at all. It took me a long time to trouble shoot.)


  2. Do your homework, lady. The author of that article is Heide Hatry, the famous German neo-conceptual artist whose talent lies in visual imagery, not words.

    According to her bio, she’s best known for her provocative performances, sculptures and photographs in which the artist sometimes immerses her own body in animal flesh and organs. Her subjects are autobiographical, often connecting to experiences from her early life growing up on an industrial pig farm in South Germany.

    As she explains (in normal, non-PhD English): “In my recent work my primary material is fresh, untreated pigskin. I discovered that I responded intensely to its feel, smell, and deeply corporal sensations. I find its appearance uniquely ‘human.’ I work with both fresh material and with preserved skin which is plastinated, a process that involves removing the fluid contents of the skin and infusing it with silicon…My work with skin expresses the subjects that are important to me: life, pleasure, sex, pain, ageing, death, gender, power, vulnerability, and perception itself.”


      1. And I’m sure that I could write a sellable horror story based on her artwork and her own description of its form and “meaning.” But one of her handlers might actually be a fan of the genre publications who publish my garbage, and it would be a real downer to get sued for a million bucks for a hack story that only paid $200. 🙂


    1. So:

      1) She’s a taxidermist who hangs out at a pig farm.

      2) Never invite this woman to a barbecue.

      This explains the 10,000 dollar words and the pretentiousness.

      She has to distract you from these two facts as a performance artist and make sure you don’t mistake her for Lady Gaga or a serial killer.


  3. This evening there is a holiday – Rosh Hashanah, Hebrew Year 5779 begins.

    Wish your family and all the readers to realize at least one important dream in the approaching year and, of course, to continue enjoying the smaller things in life, like numerous discussions we’ll hopefully have !

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    1.         We now have an Amazon warehouse 3 miles from where I live. I have students who already started working there. They say it offers the best salaries, benefits and working conditions by far of any other local employer. I don't think my students have any reason to lie to me about this.      


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