“News” on Immigration

Said William H. Frey, the senior demographer at the Brookings Institution who conducted the analysis. “We think of immigrants as being low-skilled workers from Latin America, but for recent arrivals that’s much less the case. People from Asia have overtaken people from Latin America.”

I don’t know who the royal “we” is in this quote but I’ve been teaching exactly this in my lectures on immigration for almost 5 years. And I never teach anything unless I have a bunch of reliable sources.

I wonder why this is being presented as some sort of big news.

5 thoughts on ““News” on Immigration

  1. It’s news to people who have “Mexican” as synecdoche for “Hispanic”, “Latino”, “immigrant” or “brown person who isn’t black.” If you look at the rhetoric over the last couple of years and knew nothing, you’d think that too. It has nothing to do with anyone’s stated political affiliation. You know because you are an immigrant and have friends who are immigrants. Most Americans do not.


    1. I know because I do research for all of my lectures and I don’t have a choice but talk about immigration in the Hispanic Civ course.

      But this think-tank fellow seemed genuinely surprised by this very old news. It’s weird. What else is he failing to notice?


  2. Hurricane Florence forecast cone

    I would not want to be in the Carolinas right now. I hope all of your blog readers there are hunkered down in a good shelter away from storm surge. Georgia declared a state of emergency for all of its counties. It’s not in the cone but it’ll definitely fuck up all the flights from Atlanta. The storm path (which keeps getting weaker) is going to reach up into Pennsylvania. I’m sure it’s also going to fuck up flights from DC by dumping all the rain on the area.

    I am so thankful my great aunt and uncle were flying out of my city to Houston and we were not dealing with hurricane prep during their visit. But even so, heavy rains and wind delayed their flight for two hours. He’s diabetic and she recently had knee surgery.


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