It Takes All Kinds

A book I’m being asked to review:

Luis y Mia/Mia and Luis
By: L. J. Zimmerman, Mónica Reyna, Marce Gómez
Category: Children’s Books

Luis y Mia/Mia and Luis is a flip-over book that tells the story of a cross-cultural friendship from each child’s perspective.

Luis is the child of Mexican immigrants and Mia is a White American child.

Their story begins when Mia makes a culturally insensitive remark to Luis. Prayer and thoughtful conversations with family help Luis and Mia move past this rocky start and develop a lasting friendshiuis y Mia/Mia and Luis

I’m probably the last person they want reviewing their book. I do wonder what “the culturally insensitive remark” was, though.

Just to think that somebody will buy it for some poor unsuspecting child.

6 thoughts on “It Takes All Kinds”

  1. Bizarre. I got addicted to travel and languages because of a children’s book I read when I was 3. It wasn’t about insensitive remarks, though, it was about fascinating differences in writing systems, architecture, and utensils. Things should be presented to kids as fun, non-scary, and possible. Don’t start out by warning them of mistakes they might make. I remember this about integration, too, where people really might have made mistakes. The first information we got, though, was images of just playing and getting along.


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