And it’s the same with hotel reviews. A tiny little place in a historic building in Prague. Maybe half a dozen rooms total. The guests are complaining that there is no swimming pool and no gym. There are tons of big hotels around that offer all these amenities and more. But no, they will find a small hostel or a B&B that, by definition, doesn’t have anything like this (but has many completely different things for another kind of experience) and will complain, bitch, and moan.

And it’s not like we are living in pre-internet times when it’s hard to know beforehand. It takes all of 3 minutes to find out in advance if the place you are going has a Michelin-star menu or an Olympic-size pool.

It’s like people are almost proud or something of not having a good time on their trip. It’s as if it made them feel more worldly or chic to find things to complain about.

2 thoughts on “Worldly”

  1. I think people aren’t accustomed to anything non-chain anymore. There’s this place I stay in Houston, very nice and all, and the owner says the guests are all always unusual people because they dare to stay somewhere that isn’t mass produced. Reviews of my Latvian hotel were terrible but it was actually a nice place, like many modest-but-pleasant places I stayed in in Europe back in the day.


  2. Try comments in some other language, not English. I find continental European tourists usually give much more realistic reviews than Americans and Brits.


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