I don’t understand why people are saying that accusations against Brett Kavanaugh are worse than the Anita Hill case. In Kavanaugh’s case, the real culprits are the parents of all three who allowed their underage kids to get drunk out of their minds. These were rich people. What were they so busy doing that they couldn’t keep track of their children?

The practice of adjudicating underage kids in an adult court, for instance, has always seemed an atrocity to me. They don’t have the same impulse control and hence the same culpability as adults. Their brains aren’t fully formed yet. This is not to say I think that Kavanaugh should not be submitted to questioning on Monday. I believe he definitely should. But saying that this is worse than what happened to Hill – as I’ve heard on the news several times already – makes no sense to me.

2 thoughts on “Analogies”

  1. I don’t think what he did was worse than what Anita Hill did either, and the parents do bear some responsibility. However, he was 17, not 10, so I’m not about to act like he bears no responsibility for his own actions. I don’t think he should be criminally liable, but you can sure as hell bet I’m judging him.


    1. He was completely drunk. That’s diminished culpability already. If he’s done nothing similar ever since, then it’s a case of drunk teenagers acting under the influence of a substance they have no tolerance for.


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