Country Girl

At the local art fair, Klara discovered country music. “Mommy, what is this music??” she asked with a face of somebody who experienced a revelation.

We had to drag her away from there two hours later, she loved it so much.

The white coat is due to her current love of playing doctor.

8 thoughts on “Country Girl

  1. It looks like the guy on stage is playing a mandolin, which has never been a big part of country music. Are you sure it wasn’t Bluegrass? That’s a type of music (derived from folk music in Appalachia) that is aligned with country but not really pure country.
    If you want to provide her with some at home the difference is important…
    Bluegrass is characterized by heavy use of string instruments with little to no percussion banjo and mandolin are the most characteristic instruments.
    Male vocals in bluegrass are often (though not often) delivered in a semi-falsetto


    1. “(though not often)”
      should be (though not always).

      Also, I’ve seen a kind of blissed out reaction before from people hearing Bluegrass for the first time but I can’t say I’ve ever encountered with people hearing country for the first time (and surely she’s heard country before).
      Unlike country and like real Mariachi music, Bluegrass is not simple folk music but requires incredibly developed musical skills to perform well.

      An all time classic (possibly best banjo performance every recorded)


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