Promoting the Opponent

I love Rauner’s political ads because they energize me to vote for his opponent JB Pritzker a lot more than Pritzker’s own ads do. Rauner’s ads give actual lists of what Pritzker supports, and these are all good things that I support, too. I wish Pritzker didn’t need his opponent’s help to articulate his own positions. It’s like he’s afraid publicly to stand up for his beliefs and hides them behind a lot of meaningless identitarian slogans.

Across the river, Claire McCaskill is pretty much losing her vulnerable Senate seat to the Republican opponent. She needs to pull it together because it’s not looking good right now.

5 thoughts on “Promoting the Opponent”

  1. Unfortunately, that’s normal with politicians. Research showed decades ago that political leaders in both parties were for extreme than either party members or the general electorate, and that lack of attachment contributes to low turnout rates. Conversely, being surrounded with yesmen and people who share the politicians point of view creates a sense that the politician is speaking for more people than just himself. That’s Rauner’s problem, and Trump’s, and Pelosi’s, etc. Simply out of touch. Sometimes willfully.


  2. Over in OH-1, things have taken a turn for the worse. Steve Chabot’s dumb attacks on Aftab Pureval have begun to actually gain some traction. Partially because his attack ads are just constantly on TV, partially due to some incredibly dumb fuck ups from the Aftab campaign. At this point the race is a tossup I think, while before I would’ve said Aftab is favored. We’ll see how I feel in a few weeks.


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