Whatever Works

The GOP has been told that Ford does not want to fly from her California home to Washington, according to the Republican senator, which means she may need to drive across the country. Ford has reportedly told friends she is uncomfortable in confined spaces, indicating a physical difficulty in making the trip by plane.

Of course, a car is a lot more confined than a plane, so it’s obvious she must walk. I’m sure she can get there by the end of November. Or better yet, in 2020 of she walks really slowly.

19 thoughts on “Whatever Works”

  1. They’re not even pretending anymore that this is anything but a delaying tactic… Never mind that this makes her look a bit like a loon, even more than the original charges which no serious person could really take seriously. And don’t think that making her look like a loon isn’t going to create blowback for real victims of sexual assault….

    At the beginning of this silly soap opera I wouldn’t have been surprised if Kavanaugh turned out to be a total abusive slimeball but the longer this goes on the more I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a basically decent person who’s being slandered – good job democrats!


    1. They should have approved Merrick Garland. Since they sabotaged him, they deserve whatever they get on this nomination.

      Everybody here is a freely participating adult, and can withdraw at any moment, so I’m not sorry for anybody who participates.


  2. Here are some other reasons:
    You forget that even though a car is smaller, you have more control of the exits.* Even if you are not the driver, it is more feasible to make stops along the way. Plus there is no question of an x ray scanner malfunctioning, necessitating a pat down. Plus if confined spaces freak you out, you have the freak out inside the car instead of in a plane or in the TSA line in front of other passengers.

    Really, if I’m testifying about my assailant before a Senate which will be hostile and elevate this guy to a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land, I want to conserve my mental reserves.

    *If you see a car that doesn’t have an escape hatch in the trunk, it is very old or it’s been altered.

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    1. Don’t tell me you are taking this seriously. 🙂

      This is all a show but a damn good one because finally our side is the one with a good, strong strategy. Finally, we are not just sitting there whining “but how could they do this to us?” like what happened after Garland was tanked. I hate this loserish approach of always whining and never doing anything about it.

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    1. I’m not saying she’s not credible. I’m saying this is a great strategy.

      I have no idea why everybody is trying to rain on my parade and say there is no strategy here. A strategy is a good thing. Especially if it brings in a win.

      And by the way, why would she travel economy? The DNC is short on cash, or something?


      1. ” everybody is trying to rain on my parade and say there is no strategy here”

        There’s a strategy for sure, and it might well work, but it’s very transparent which makes it vulnerable. Better than nothing but crucially depends on a big win in November (which means it needs to play well in the public arena).


        1. Absolutely. If there’s no win in November, this gets very dangerous. Because the next person Trump nominates is that Catholic woman or somebody like her. And it will be next to impossible to find any sexual abuse allegations against somebody like that. Kavanaugh might seem like a very good option compared to a fanatic like her. So there’s got to be a massive win in November for the strategy not to backfire.


      2. And by the way, why would she travel economy? The DNC is short on cash, or something?

        I think she will have to pay for her flight herself. The DNC certainly cannot fund it because of ethics considerations. It would be witness tampering.

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      3. “I’m not saying she’s not credible. I’m saying this is a great strategy.”

        Nah, the Democrats are acting like screeching harpies and vastly overplaying their hand. You’re going to see a pointless “he said”/”she said” hearing that will change no one’s mind — and in the end, the vote on Kavanaugh will have ended up being delayed by a mere ten days.


  3. First time I saw this on Russian Internet:

    «Нам нужно готовить людей к тому, что у них не будет профессии». Парадокс, но это говорит основатель одного из самых популярных в России центров детской профориентации «Мастерславль». Как же можно подготовить детей к таким радикальным переменам на рынке труда? Чему их надо обязательно научить, а в чем дать детям разобраться самим? Об этом наш разговор с Виталием Сурвилло.



      1. // Wow, it’s really good. The guy actually knows what he’s talking about.

        I found that site today via a link to a post:

        Тарас Бульба: удивительные факты, о которых не рассказывают в школе

        And they also have:

        Дон Кихот: сумасшедший или юродивый?

        Only after reading a few posts, I discovered it is a religious site and not, as I hoped, one dedicated to secular analysis of literature.


    1. There are two different things going on here. There is Ford who is trying to get some closure for an assault she experienced a long time ago. And there are also Katz and the DNC who are trying to use the situation to defeat this nomination.

      I understand the actions of Katz and the DNC and I don’t understand the actions of Ford. This is not a criticism or a doubt that she was, indeed, assaulted. For some reason, people see anything but constant cheering as questioning the story or condemning the victim. I don’t condemn or doubt her. But I’m saying that I’m a very different person and I don’t get it. It doesn’t mean I’m better. Maybe I’m worse. But I don’t get what’s she’s doing.


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