The First French Toast

I tried French toast for the first time today. It turned out to have a very gentle, understated taste. Probably because I made it myself. I had to make a large bowl of salad to go with it because it’s impossible to eat otherwise.

The dish is easier to make than the stuff I usually do for weekend breakfasts but I don’t think I’ll be making it again because it’s so strange.

6 thoughts on “The First French Toast”

  1. I’ve never really understood the appeal of French toast…. I’ve known people who were crazy for it and thought of it as some special breakfast treat, but…. nyah, I do not get it.


  2. I haven’t had French toast in years. Pain Perdu is just a way to repurpose bread that’s going to go to waste.

    It never really has a strong taste anyways.


    1. The recipe calls for 4 times more cinnamon that I used. I detest the American habit of misusing cinnamon this way. Cinnamon is amazing but not when you use so much that the whole house reeks of it for a week.


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