A Horrible Political Ad

This is the most horrible political ad ever. Disgusting. I’d never vote for this Brill fellow after such a stunt.

12 thoughts on “A Horrible Political Ad

  1. Clarissa, what a misleading, disappointing post headline! I took the bait and clinked on the ad, expecting see something actually “horrible” enough to be entertaining, like images of dead bodies or massive natural disasters — and all I see is the opposing candidate’s siblings calmly bad-mouthing him. That doesn’t even qualify as a “shock” ending!


      1. I know nothing about any of the politicians involved, but is it possible that this Gosar guy is a legitimately horrible person? Finding that many relatives willing to go on camera against him seems unusual if it was just a normal sort of family disagreement.


        1. Paul Gosar ends Facebook blocks; family feud erupts over Vice comments
          From azcentral:

          U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., is reopening his Facebook page to critics after facing a constituent lawsuit and national ridicule for an appearance on national TV last week in which he touted conspiracy theories.

          That interview also exposed a deep-seated family rift, with Gosar’s brother repulsed by the congressman’s comments and warning that he would not let views aiding racists and anti-Semites go unchallenged.

          In the interview with Vice News that aired on HBO, Gosar veered from discussing intemperate language on Facebook to raise far-right conspiracy theories. He suggested the deadly Charlottesville, Virginia, white supremacist rally was the work of a supporter of former President Barack Obama and that liberal activist George Soros had turned Jews over to the Nazis as a boy.

          Gosar’s brother, David Gosar, who is a Wyoming lawyer, was so disgusted by the Soros comments and the effect it has on the family name that he offered to represent Morgaine in her lawsuit. He said in an interview with The Arizona Republic that eight of Gosar’s nine siblings don’t share his far-right views and suggested the family could become more vocal.

          “If (Paul Gosar) had any guts or decency, he would apologize to George Soros on Vice News,” David Gosar said. “He never will because his base won’t like it, but he owes that man an apology.”


          1. As I said, very typical dynamic but usually people in the grip of it don’t attract politicians willing to exploit them.

            These 10 siblings are victims of childhood emotional abuse. It’s painful to see them being exploited like this for political gain. All of the moral high ground that Gosar’s opponent had was lost with these ads. Trashing Soros is a lot better than trying to profit from childhood trauma.


        2. Oh, I’m sure he’s a total dick on a stick. What I know about him, he’s beyond dumb. But it doesn’t make it look any less disgusting when a bunch of siblings self-righteously gangs up on one brother in public. This is a very common family dynamic called “a black sheep.” Family members need this one “bad apple” that they can legitimately despise and feel good about themselves while doing it. The bad apple in question literally doesn’t stand a chance because the entire family dynamic forces him to perform horribleness.

          I think it’s very distasteful to let people dump this bucket of family-generated shit on the public’s ears. It’s not ok to endorse these kinds of behaviors. And it’s definitely not ok to try to prosper by exploiting them.


      2. So what exactly is the big deal?? If I had any “rotten-apple”wanted siblings in my family, I’d turn them in for the reward money.


        1. Problem is, the reward here will go to the sleazy politician who is exploiting the family rift for his own gain. He’s siccing them on the brother not for their gain by for his own. What they get is looking like total dimwits on TV.


  2. I’ve gotta say, I love my brother but if he ever ran for office I would probably not vote for him. But I’d keep that to myself and not go on TV telling other people not to vote for him.
    What a weird twisted family, it actually makes me feel a little sorry for him (as much of a dick as he may be)


    1. If my sister turned into a total Putinoid, tattooed Putin’s portrait on her chest, and started marching in those idiotic pro-Russian parades in Montreal, I’d be very upset. But for me to go on TV to bad-mouth her publicly and help her opponent – that’s crazy. Political disagreement in families is proverbially frequent. But this ganging up on a fellow by a bunch of siblings? God.


  3. I think it’s very distasteful to let people dump this bucket of family-generated shit on the public’s ears. It’s not ok to endorse these kinds of behaviors. And it’s definitely not ok to try to prosper by exploiting them

    This is a stellar reason why we shouldn’t have political dynasties and have multiple members of the same family in the government, especially if the family is corrupt. Because their family generated shit dynamic now becomes the public’s problem.

    The Wikipedia page for that guy…is interesting. But aside from his political views:
    Paul Gosar’s family page mentions his younger brother who is also a politician (and doesn’t mention other siblings.) Pete Gosar’s page mentions he ran for governor of Wyoming (twice, as a Democrat) and that he’s the 7th of 10 siblings. With large families like that not all siblings are close, especially when you look at age gaps.


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