The Compassionate Gulag

This has got to be a hoax, right? Is Telegraph a tabloid or something?

7 thoughts on “The Compassionate Gulag

  1. My first inclination was to blame the victim, wondering why Ms Graham entered into that conversation in the first place instead of ignoring a small, insignificant group of students.


  2. Nope. This is a true story that I watched unfold on Twitter. The debate between trans activists and radical, second-wave feminists is really heating up in Great Britain over proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act, which would permit individuals to change their gender on the basis of self ID, without any supporting documentation and regardless of transition or external gender presentation or appearance.


    1. I think I am right wing on this. I don’t feel that transwomen are women. They seem like men. Most of their life they have been men. I don’t mind sharing space with them — although a guy, who just SAYS he’s suddenly decided he’s a woman, I would not trust


  3. The Telegraph is a pretty upmarket, right-leaning broadsheet. The chances they are reporting on this story because they agree with it (especially given the tone of the article is somewhat critical) is unlikely, however , yes, it does appear to be a true story. Goldsmith’s Student Union seems to be pretty notorious for excesses of idpol stupidity but until I have heard of this had no idea it had been taken over by Stalinists.


    1. Stalinism is back in fashion. I suppose it is to be expected since so is fascism, and so are various forms of socialism. Everyone is tired of neoliberalism I guess


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