More Testimony

I didn’t watch the testimony. I don’t see the point. I never doubted that Ford was telling the truth. I believe that full responsibility for this really horrible event lies with the adults who had these minors in their care and couldn’t be bothered to parent them with a minimum of responsibility. These are not parents who live in deep poverty and have to work four jobs so they just can’t keep track of their kids. These are very rich people who should know better. Unfortunately, that’s not the discussion that’s happening right now or ever.

6 thoughts on “More Testimony”

  1. You’re right, but he embraces tough justice on youth crimes. So he doesn’t want to apply his own principle to himself.

    There are possibly 4 other cases, though.

    The main point is to delay.


        1. As I keep saying, I couldn’t care less about him. What scares me is that a job search becomes all about applying today’s standards of moral purity to events of decades ago. I’m scared for me.

          It’s easy to pass the purity checks if you are 25. But the longer you live, the more likely it is that you sinned against today’s dogma in word or deed. This is why the very young are so rabid in these fights. They are the ones who stand to win by kicking the oldsters out of the competition. Of course, they’ll turn into oldsters themselves once they turn 30 but they can’t see it right now.


          1. Rules of engagement are being set for job wars that will affect all of us. And instead of discussing this, we are stuck on the endless replay of who flashed whom at a drunken college party before most of us were born.

            Yeah, Kavanaugh stinks, fuck Kavanaugh. But these transformations will be relevant to all of us long after we forget his name.


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