More and More Testimony

OK, I did watch an excerpt of Ford’s testimony. And now I wish I didn’t. Because I can no longer say I 100% believe her. This means nothing, personal impressions of witness testimony are notoriously wackadoodle. People project all kinds of shit on speakers. But it all seemed fake as a snake to me.

I do better with written texts than visual images. When I read the text of her testimony, I completely believed it. The text spoke to me with a searing power. But after watching her actually deliver these same words. . . Yeah. . .

To remain fair, I’m now watching a few minutes of Kavanaugh’s response. He’s very obviously pissed. [I just discovered he was an only child. An only one! It’s not even that the parents had 5 kids and were understandably overwhelmed.] In any case, yeah, he could be lying. Or not. If he was as much of an alcoholic as many people say he was, it’s very possible he blacked it out. Which means they are both telling the truth, as they perceive it.

Completely sober people also erase uncomfortable memories, memories that contradict the view of themselves they can live with. As Dr Ford said, human memory is a complex thing. I’ve been in situations where I say, “But you did this. I was there. That’s what you did.” And they stare at me with honest, limpid eyes, and swear on their lives it never happened. And then I think I’m going nuts because they look completely sincere and crushed by the accusation.

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