Conference Organizing

How can we blame students for submitting everything at the last minute when – as I discovered only today – if you are organizing a session at a conference and the call for papers expires at 11:59 pm of September 30, you will be receiving the bulk of your submissions between 10 pm and midnight of that day. Even though the CFP has been out for months.

I now have a dozen applicants and I have no idea what to do. Who could have known that the subject of transnationalism and feminism would be so popular.

4 thoughts on “Conference Organizing

  1. As they say, doctors are the worst patients, and teachers are the worst students. Handing in a paper on time is a studenty thing to do and a large majority of teachers lose the knack over time….


  2. I only complain about students submitting things late. What’s wrong with submitting something on time, if the work is decent?


    1. It’s not likely to be very good if they write it in haste to make the deadline at midnight. Also, it’s so annoying to get inundated by messages at 11 pm about the topic and the format of the assignment that was posted 2 weeks ago.


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