Eating Its Own Children

Folks, this is hilarious. I highly recommend.

Told you so, told you so, I told you told you told you so.

11 thoughts on “Eating Its Own Children

  1. “If this piece from Jezebel is any indication, we’re entering the “generalized sense of danger” phase of the movement now. And maybe that’s a good thing.”

    The writer sees the problem…but then feels the need to shoehorn this in at the end.


  2. “Smith’s firing shows his personal life was clearly a liability for the company” … well, I disagree that this is parallel to the Kavanaugh thing.

    But: we’re all products now and he wasn’t the right boyfriend-product. These women sound so weird.
    Paul/Beatriz Preciado, the writer, does say that sexuality is fundamentally commercial. You have value due to beauty, fertility, etc. But still. You don’t just have to look sexy to have a job, you have to have the reputation for being an excellent date?

    Does all this really go on in the world of dating?

    I don’t catch all text messages.

    If you are seeing someone you dislike for sex once a month and you are broken up and blocked from their Instagram, does their having a girlfriend constitute cheating?


  3. ‘Smith “employed tactics of control and manipulation,” Shepherd writes, “including an unwillingness to have sex with [Kay] unless she wore a specific eye makeup.”‘


  4. Hey, if you had to go through life looking like the author of the Jebezel article, you’d be mad at the world, too.


  5. I work with graduate and professional students who are mostly in their early 20s, and undergraduates frequently do research in my lab. While I don’t make a point of learning about their social lives, I really don’t get the impression that any of them are human dumpster fires like the folks described in this article.

    I suspect that the clickbait media industry (Jezebel, Gawker & etc.) is an attractor for some of the sketchiest most messed up people around, so I try not to generalize from pieces like this to conclusions about the Kids These Days. Maybe I’m just overly optimistic.


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