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Re: the preceding post, I know what the solution is. Don’t date, don’t have premarital sex. Let your family arrange a meeting with a suitable partner, do a short supervised courtship with zero physical contact and zero alone time, and then get married.

Hmm, wait, where did I hear this before? Oh, I know, it’s the traditional evangelical courtship of the most patriarchal kind. Brought to you courtesy of

5 thoughts on “Re: Previous Post

  1. Now I’ve actually looked at the Jezebel article. These people are all unhinged and no, they should not be having sex. And all the online applications and texting does not make things clearer.

    These women should not be having sex on the second or third date and getting drunk because they are not ready to handle it if the guy turns out to be weird. It is also not at all clear whether they are having sex because they want to or because they feel they should. And nobody seems to have had any kind of sex education here. And there are no boundaries anywhere. A fight on the third date about whether she is 27 or 28? What?

    Until these people grow a better sense of self yes, they should go on carefully scripted, traditional dates. No mayhem. Go to the comedy club, don’t overdrink, go have something to eat, kiss and go home. Each to their own house. If they must have sex do it at some other point. Sober and in the daylight.

    But no. This is all alcohol and app-fantasy fueled, they don’t really like each other and are projecting madly, so they have this mess. Ridiculous.


  2. Aren’t those women afraid they will become unemployable after featuring in such stories? Would you hire such a woman to work in your company and create problems because of immaturity?

    What stood out to me is the complete contempt to one’s sexual partner as a human being. It simply cannot be healthy.

    // The last time Kay and Smith slept together (which Kay called her “monthly dick appointment with Jack”), she says she noticed a Victoria’s Secret bag in his bedroom, as well as an extra toothbrush, which made her suspicious. After leaving his house, she says on the podcast, “My stalker ass goes to social media. … He had me blocked since we broke up and I’m like, whatever. Still going to fuck you. Dick too bomb. I didn’t give a shit about this man as a human being.”


      1. // Oh, the women are fine. They are heroes fighting horrible oppression. And female immaturity is in vogue.

        Well, with fast changing fashions, one cannot be sure it will remain in vogue in exactly the same fashion for long, especially if one also starts celebrating male immaturity .. . though celebrating male immaturity is another word for patriarchy.


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