Discarded Books

College campuses are weird places. Somebody threw away a huge stack of books on the Western culture and civilization. Beautiful, almost new hardcovers, with glossy illustrations and unmarked pages. There is no chance it was done by a student because our students don’t buy books. We provide books to them through a lending service.

I hauled away as many as I could but there’s a limit to how much I can lift. Now I want to stop everything and read the books instead.

6 thoughts on “Discarded Books”

  1. There are shelves by the main library in my building and they leave tons of stuff, I usually let it sit a day or two to give students a chance, but today I picked up several old xeroxes of things about communication and pragmatics in Italian (which I’m rapidly falling for after my pasta pigout vacation….)


      1. “Take a picture and show them!”

        They all know already, but they don’t want most of the books that get left which are either too old or not in good shape or just weird (all of which are things that I like…)


  2. At my campus it means that an old prof either retired or died thus releasing their office-book-hoard into the wild.


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