The Righteous Hordes

Regarding the preceding post, I’m very fortunate in that I don’t have the kind of students to whom it could possibly occur to wail about feeling threatened and unsafe because of an email about due process. And that’s not only because they have actual problems in their lives but also because nobody placed this weapon in their hands.

The people who are teaching young kids to form packs and hound the ideologically impure are not only evil but also stupid. Because history shows that a pack of ideologically righteous youngsters always turns against its teachers and tears them to shreds.

I don’t blame the young people in all this. They don’t know any better. The adults, however, should know by now that once unleashed, the beast of ideological righteousness starts devouring everything around. You can’t control or placate it. No matter how ideologically spotless you think you are, it’s coming for you, too.

5 thoughts on “The Righteous Hordes

      1. I don’t think David really means he wants anybody to be hounded.

        But it’s absolutely true that it’s a huge mistake to think that you’ll be spared because your ideology is correct. That’s not the how this works at all. The most faithful believers are the first ones to be sacrificed.


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