Honoring Borscht

I made some borscht. And it was beautiful. But the dining table wasn’t looking beautiful enough to put the borscht on it. So I went out and spent an hour looking for a setup that would do justice to the borscht.

Here it is:

If you have to ask where the borscht is, then you don’t understand the Ukrainian soul. We ate it, of course. It’s gone. Now I feel like I need to make more to do justice to the setup.

4 thoughts on “Honoring Borscht

  1. Address to a Borscht (with apologies to Robert Burns)

    Fair fare your honest, cheerful face,
    Great chieftain of the stewish-race!
    Above them all, now take your place,
    The stomache you won’t attack:
    Well worthy are you now of grace,
    As we toss you soon a’back.

    Ye Powers who make mankind your care,
    And dish them out their bill of fare,
    All Ukraine wants no watery broth
    Gone sooner than a Porche;
    But, if ye wish her grateful prayer,
    Give her naught but borscht!


        1. No, it’s neoliberal. 🙂 But they were taught to say grace and direct it to an unidentified entity. It’s actually a good idea because it marks the beginning of the eating process.


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